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Here we have got all the question papers of Bachelor of Commerce, from which you can easily download it:

Many of the Candidate has a habit to read and prepare from previous year question papers and many times that habit will help to get good marks in their exam. It can increase your marks in your subject result and you will get the best performance report in your grade card. So we advise our candidates that they spend some time on to solve IGNOU Old Question Papers to get many benefits in your upcoming TEE Exam.


Bachelor’s Degree Programme
December 2017


1.      AED-1 Export Procedure And Documentation December2017
2.      AMK-1 Marketing December2017
3.      AOM-1 Office Organization and Management December2017
4.      ASP-1 Secretarial Practice  December2017

 Bachelor Degree in Commerce

December 2017


1.      ECO-1 Business Organisation December2017
2.      ECO-2 Accountancy-I December2017
3.      ECO-3 Management Theory December2017
4.      ECO-5 Mercantile Law December2017
5.      ECO-6 Economic Theory December2017
6.      ECO-7 Elements of Statistics December2017
7.      ECO-8 Company Law December2017
8.      ECO-9 Money, Banking & Financial  Institutions December2017
9.      ECO-10 Elements of Costing December2017
10.   ECO-11 Elements of Income Tax December2017
11.   ECO-12 Elements of Auditing December2017
12.   ECO-13 Business Environment December2017
13.   ECO-14 Accountancy-II December2017
  Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations/ Masters of Commerce
1.      IBO-01 International Business Environment December2017
2.      IBO-02 International Marketing Management December2017
3.      IBO-03 India’s Foreign Trade December2017
4.      IBO-04 Export- Import Procedures and Documentation December2017
5.      IBO-05 International Marketing Logistics December2017
6.      IBO-06 International Business Finance December2017
7.      MCO-01 Organisation Theory and Behavior December2017
8.      MCO-03 Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis December2017
9.      MCO-04 Business Environment December2017
10.   MCO-05 Accounting for Managerial Decisions December2017
11.   MCO-06 Marketing Management December2017
12.   MCO-07 Financial Management December2017


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