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                                                   IGNOU BA-BAG SOLVED ASSIGNMENTs
Course codeCourse TitleDownload
BANC 101 Solved AssignmentIntroduction to Biological Anthropology  Click Here
BANC 102 Solved AssignmentIntroduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology  Click Here
BANC 103 Solved AssignmentArchaeological Anthropology Click Here
BANC 104 Solved AssignmentFundamentals of Human Origin & Evolution Click Here
BANC 105 Solved AssignmentTribes and Peasants in India Click Here
BANC 106 Solved AssignmentHuman Ecology: Biological & Cultural dimensions Click Here
BANC 107 Solved AssignmentBiological Diversity in Human Populations Click Here
BANC 108 Solved AssignmentTheories of Culture and Society Click Here
BANC 109 Solved AssignmentHuman Growth and Development Click Here
BANC 110 Solved AssignmentResearch Methods Click Here
BANC 111 Solved AssignmentHuman Population Genetics Click Here
BANC 112 Solved AssignmentAnthropology in Practice Click Here
BANC 113 Solved AssignmentForensic Anthropology Click Here
BANC 114 Solved AssignmentAnthropology of India Click Here
BANC 131 Solved AssignmentAnthropology and Research Methods Click Here
BANC 132  Solved AssignmentFundamentals of Biological Anthropology   Click Here
BANC 133  Solved AssignmentFundamentals of Social and Cultural Anthropology Click Here
BANC 134  Solved AssignmentFundamentals of Archaeological Anthropology   Click Here
BANE 141  Solved AssignmentPhysiological Anthropology  Click Here
BANE 143  Solved AssignmentTribal Cultures of India  Click Here
BANE 144  Solved AssignmentVisual Anthropology   Click Here
BANE 145  Solved AssignmentApplied Anthropology Click Here
BANE 146  Solved AssignmentAnthropology of Indigenous People Click Here
BANE 147 Solved AssignmentUrban Anthropology Click Here
BANE 154 Solved AssignmentDissertation Click Here
BANS 183 Solved AssignmentTourism Anthropology Click Here
BANS 184  Solved AssignmentPublic Health and Epidemiology  Click Here
BECC 101 Solved AssignmentIntroductory Microeconomics Click Here
BECC 102 Solved Assignment Mathematical Methods for Economics I Click Here
BECC 103 Solved AssignmentIntroductory Macroeconomics Click Here
BECC 104 Solved AssignmentMathematical Methods for Economics II Click Here
BECC 105 Solved AssignmentIntermediate Microeconomics I Click Here
BECC 106 Solved AssignmentIntermediate Macroeconomics I Click Here
BECC 107 Solved AssignmentStatistical Methods for Economics Click Here
BECC 108 Solved AssignmentIntermediate Microeconomics II  Click Here
BECC 109 Solved AssignmentIntermediate Macroeconomics II Click Here
BECC 110 Solved AssignmentIntroductory Econometrics Click Here
BECC 111 Solved AssignmentIndian Economy I Click Here
BECC 112 Solved AssignmentDevelopment Economics I Click Here
BECC 113 Solved AssignmentIndian Economy II Click Here
BECC 114 Solved AssignmentDevelopment Economics II Click Here
BECC 131  Solved AssignmentPrinciples of Microeconomics-I Click Here
BECC 132  Solved AssignmentPrinciples of Microeconomics-II  Click Here
BECC 133  Solved AssignmentPrinciples of Macroeconomics-I  Click Here
BECC 134  Solved AssignmentPrinciples of Macroeconomics-II  Click Here
BECE 141  Solved AssignmentEconomics of Health and Education Click Here
BECE 142  Solved AssignmentEnvironmental Economics Click Here
BECE 143 Solved Assignment Applied Econometrics Click Here
BECE 144  Solved AssignmentFinancial Economics Click Here
BECS 184 Solved AssignmentData Analysis Click Here
BHIC 101 Solved AssignmentHistory of India –I Click Here
BHIC 102 Solved AssignmentSocial Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World  Click Here
BHIC 103 Solved AssignmentHistory of India –II Click Here
BHIC 104 Solved AssignmentSocial Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World  Click Here
BHIC 105 Solved AssignmentHistory of India –III (C. 750 – 1206) Click Here
BHIC 106 Solved AssignmentRise of the Modern West – I Click Here
BHIC 107 Solved AssignmentHistory of India – IV (C. 1206 – 1550) Click Here
BHIC 108 Solved AssignmentRise of the Modern West – II Click Here
BHIC 109 Solved AssignmentHistory of India –V (C. 1550 – 1605) Click Here
BHIC 110 Solved AssignmentHistory of India –VI (C. 1750 – 1857)  Click Here
BHIC 111 Solved AssignmentHistory of Modern Europe (C. 1780 – 1939)   Click Here
BHIC 112 Solved AssignmentHistory of India –VII (C. 1605 – 1750) Click Here
BHIC 113 Solved AssignmentHistory of India –VIII (C. 1857 – 1950) Click Here
BHIC 114 Solved AssignmentHistory of Modern Europe -II (C. 1780 – 1939) Click Here
BHIC 131 Solved AssignmentHistory of India from the Earliest Times upto 300 CE Click Here
BHIC 132  Solved AssignmentHistory of India from C.300 to 1206  Click Here
BHIC 133  Solved AssignmentHistory of India from C.1206 to 1707  Click Here
BHIC 134  Solved AssignmentHistory of India from 1707 to 1950  Click Here
BHIE 141  Solved AssignmentHistory of China (C. 1840 – 1978) Click Here
BHIE 142 Solved AssignmentHistory of Environment Click Here
BHIE 143  Solved AssignmentHistory of Modern East Asia: Japan (C. 1868 – 1945) Click Here
BHIE 144  Solved AssignmentTraditions of History Writing in India Click Here
BHIE 145  Solved AssignmentSome Aspects of European History 1789-1945 Click Here
BPSC 101 Solved AssignmentUnderstanding Political Theory Click Here
BPSC 102 Solved AssignmentConstitutional Government and Democracy in India Click Here
BPSC 103 Solved AssignmentPolitical Theory-Concepts and Debates Click Here
BPSC 104 Solved AssignmentPolitical Process in India Click Here
BPSC 105 Solved AssignmentIntroduction to Comparative Government and Politics Click Here
BPSC 107 Solved AssignmentPerspectives on International Relations and World History Click Here
BPSC 109 Solved AssignmentPolitical Processes and Institutions in Comparative Perspective Click Here
BPSC 110 Solved AssignmentGlobal Politics Click Here
BPSC 111 Solved AssignmentClassical Political Philosophy Click Here
BPSC 112 Solved AssignmentIndian Political Thought-I Click Here
BPSC 113 Solved AssignmentModern Political Philosophy Click Here
BPSC 114 Solved AssignmentIndian Political Thought-II Click Here
BPSC 131 Solved AssignmentIntroduction to Political Theory Click Here
BPSC 132  Solved AssignmentIndian Government and Politics  Click Here
BPSC 133  Solved AssignmentComparative Government and Politics  Click Here
BPSC 134  Solved AssignmentIntroduction  to International Relations  Click Here
BPSE 141  Solved AssignmentGandhi and the Contemporary World Click Here
BPSE 142 Solved AssignmentIndia’s Foreign Policy in a Globalising World  Click Here
BPSE 143  Solved AssignmentState Politics in India Click Here
BPSE 144  Solved AssignmentIntroduction to South Asia Click Here
BPSE 145  Solved AssignmentDemocracy and Development in the Northeast India Click Here
BPSE 146  Solved AssignmentConflict Resolution and Peace Building Click Here
BPCC 101 Solved AssignmentIntroduction to Psychology  Click Here
BPCC 102 Solved AssignmentBiopsychology Click Here
BPCC 103 Solved AssignmentPsychology of Individual Differences Click Here
BPCC 104 Solved AssignmentStatistical Methods for Psychological Research- I Click Here
BPCC 105 Solved AssignmentPsychological Research Click Here
BPCC 106 Solved AssignmentDevelopment of Psychological Thought Click Here
BPCC 107 Solved AssignmentSocial Psychology Click Here
BPCC 108 Solved AssignmentStatistical Methods for Psychological Research – II Click Here
BPCC 109 Solved AssignmentDevelopmental Psychology  Click Here
BPCC 110 Solved AssignmentApplied Social Psychology Click Here
BPCC 111 Solved AssignmentUnderstanding Psychological Disorders Click Here
BPCC 112 Solved AssignmentOrganizational Behaviour   Click Here
BPCC 113 Solved AssignmentUnderstanding and Dealing with Psychological Disorder Click Here
BPCC 114 Solved AssignmentCounselling Psychology Click Here
BPCC 131 Solved Assignment Foundations of Psychology Click Here
BPCC 132  Solved AssignmentIntroduction to Social Psychology Click Here
BPCC 133  Solved AssignmentPsychological Disorders  Click Here
BPCC 134  Solved AssignmentStatistical Methods and Psychological Research  Click Here
BPCE 141  Solved AssignmentPositive Psychology Click Here
BPCE 142  Solved AssignmentForensic Psychology Click Here
BPCE 143  Solved AssignmentEnvironmental Psychology  Click Here
BPCE 144  Solved AssignmentDissertation Click Here
BPCE 145  Solved AssignmentCounseling Psychology Click Here
BPCE 146  Solved AssignmentIndustrial/ Organisational Psychology Click Here
BPCG 171  Solved AssignmentGeneral Psychology Click Here
BPCG 172  Solved AssignmentYouth, Gender and Identity Click Here
BPCG 173  Solved AssignmentPsychology for HeaSolved Assignmentlth and Well-Being Click Here
BPCG 174  Solved AssignmentPsychology and Media Click Here
BPCG 175  Solved AssignmentPsychology for Living Click Here
BPCG 176  Solved AssignmentPsychology of Gender Click Here
BPCS 183  Solved AssignmentEmotional Intelligence Click Here
BPCS 184  Solved AssignmentSchool Psychology  Click Here
BPCS 185  Solved AssignmentDeveloping Emotional Competence Click Here
BPCS 186  Solved AssignmentManaging Stress Click Here
BPCS 187  Solved AssignmentManaging Human Resources Click Here
BPCS 188  Solved AssignmentApplication of Social Psychology Click Here
BPAC 101 Solved AssignmentPerspectives on Public Administration Click Here
BPAC 102 Solved AssignmentAdministrative Thinkers Click Here
BPAC 103  Solved AssignmentAdministrative System at Union Level  Click Here
BPAC 104 Solved AssignmentAdministrative System at State and District Levels Click Here
BPAC 105 Solved AssignmentPersonnel Administration  Click Here
BPAC 106 Solved AssignmentUnderstanding Public Policy Click Here
BPAC 107 Solved AssignmentComparative Public Administration  Click Here
BPAC 108 Solved AssignmentPublic Policy and Administration in India Click Here
BPAC 109 Solved AssignmentPublic Systems Management Click Here
BPAC 110 Solved AssignmentUrban Local Governance  Click Here
BPAC 111 Solved AssignmentPublic Finance and Administration Click Here
BPAC 112 Solved AssignmentRural Local Governance Click Here
BPAC 113 Solved AssignmentDevelopment Administration Click Here
BPAC 114 Solved AssignmentContemporary Issues and Concerns in Indian Administration Click Here
BPAC 131 Solved AssignmentSolved AssignmentPerspectives on Public Administration Click Here
BPAC 132  Solved AssignmentAdministrative Thinkers  Click Here
BPAC 133  Solved AssignmentAdministrative System at Union Level Click Here
BPAC 134  Solved AssignmentAdministrative system at State and District Levels Click Here
BPAE 141  Solved AssignmentRight to Information  Click Here
BPAE 142  Solved AssignmentOrganizational Behaviour Click Here
BPAE 143  Solved AssignmentAdministrative System in BRICS Click Here
BPAE 144 Solved AssignmentSocial Policies and Administration Click Here
BPAG 171  Solved AssignmentDisaster Management   Click Here
BPAG 172  Solved AssignmentGovernance: Issues and Challenges Click Here
BPAG 173  Solved AssignmentE Governance Click Here
BPAG 174  Solved AssignmentSustainable Development Click Here
BPAS 184  Solved AssignmentLogistics Management Click Here
BPAS 186  Solved AssignmentStress and Time Management  Click Here
BSOC 101 Solved AssignmentIntroduction to Sociology I  Click Here
BSOC 102 Solved AssignmentSociology of India – I   Click Here
BSOC 103 Solved AssignmentIntroduction to Sociology II  Click Here
BSOC 104 Solved AssignmentSociology of India – II   Click Here
BSOC 105 Solved AssignmentPolitical Sociology  Click Here
BSOC 106 Solved AssignmentSociology of Religion Click Here
BSOC 107 Solved AssignmentSociology of Gender   Click Here
BSOC 108 Solved AssignmentEconomic Sociology  Click Here
BSOC 109 Solved AssignmentSociology of Kinship Click Here
BSOC 110 Solved AssignmentSocial Stratification   Click Here
BSOC 111 Solved AssignmentSociological Thinkers -I  Click Here
BSOC 112 Solved AssignmentSociological Research Methods    Click Here
BSOC 113 Solved AssignmentSociological Thinkers -II  Click Here
BSOC 114 Solved AssignmentSociological Research Methods -II   Click Here
BSOC 131 Solved AssignmentIntroduction to Sociology Click Here
BSOC 132  Solved AssignmentSociology of India  Click Here
BSOC 133  Solved AssignmentSociological Theories Click Here
BSOC 134  Solved AssignmentMethods of Sociological Enquiry  Click Here
BSOE 141 Solved Assignment  Urban Sociology  Click Here
BSOE 142  Solved AssignmentIndian Sociological Traditions  Click Here
BSOE 143  Solved AssignmentEnvironmental Sociology Click Here
BSOE 144  Solved AssignmentReading Ethnographies Click Here
BSOE 145  Solved AssignmentReligion & Society Click Here
BSOE 146  Solved AssignmentMarriage, Family and Kinship Click Here
BSOE 148  Solved AssignmentSocial Stratification Click Here
BSOG 171 Solved AssignmentIndian Society: Images and Realities Click Here
BSOG 173  Solved AssignmentRethinking Development Click Here
BSOG 176  Solved AssignmentEconomy and Society Click Here
BSOS 184  Solved AssignmentTechniques of Ethnographic Film Making  Click Here
BSOS 185  Solved AssignmentSociety through the Visual  Click Here



































































































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Ignou BAG Solved Assignments