Ignou BCA Solved Assignments 2020-2021


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5 Key Points to Get Good Marks in Ignou BCA Assignments

  1. Let me quickly tell you the 5 major key points to get good marks in IGNOU assignments.
  2. Always attempt all the questions. Write a complete answer try to cover all the major parts of the answer. An incomplete answer sheet will lead you to poor marks.
  3. Don’t just answer from the unit provided by IGNOU; use your own words to answer the questions.
  4. Do not copy from the answer sheets of other students. If copying is noticed, the assignments of such students will probably be rejected.
  5. Always submit handwritten assignments, because if you submit typed or computer printed assignment then it may be rejected and you will get zero marks for that.
Course CodeCourse TitleDownload
IGNOU BCA Semester – 1st Assignments.
FEG-02 Solved assignmentsFoundation course in English -2Click Here
ECO-01 Solved assignmentsBusiness OrganizationClick Here
BCS-011 Solved assignmentsComputer Basics and PC SoftwareClick Here
BCS-012 Solved assignmentsMathematicsClick Here
BCSL-013 Solved assignmentsComputer Basics and PC Software LabClick Here
IGNOU BCA Semester – 2nd Assignments.
ECO-02 Solved assignmentsAccountancy-1Click Here
MCS-011 Solved assignmentsProblem Solving and ProgrammingClick Here
MCS-012 Solved assignmentsComputer Organization and Assembly Language ProgrammingClick Here
MCS-015 Solved assignmentsCommunication SkillsClick Here
MCS-013 Solved assignmentsDiscrete MathematicsClick Here
BCSL-021 Solved assignmentsC Language Programming LabClick Here
BCSL-022 Solved assignmentsAssembly Language Programming LabClick Here
IGNOU BCA Semester – 3rd Assignments.
MCS-021 Solved assignmentsData and File StructuresClick Here
MCS-023 Solved assignmentsIntroduction to Database Management SystemsClick Here
MCS-014 Solved assignmentsSystems Analysis and DesignClick Here
BCS-031  Solved assignmentsProgramming in C++Click Here
BCSL-032 Solved assignmentsC++ Programming LabClick Here
BCSL-033 Solved assignmentsData and File Structures LabClick Here
BCSL-034 Solved assignmentsDBMS LabClick Here
IGNOU BCA Semester – 4th Assignments.
BCS-040 Solved assignmentsStatistical TechniquesClick Here
MCS-024 Solved assignmentsObject-Oriented Technologies and Java ProgrammingClick Here
BCS-041 Solved assignmentsFundamentals of Computer NetworksClick Here
BCS-042 Solved assignmentsIntroduction to Algorithm DesignClick Here
MCSL-016 Solved assignmentsInternet Concepts and Web DesignClick Here
BCSL-043 Solved assignmentsJava Programming LabClick Here
BCSL-044 Solved assignmentsStatistical Techniques LabClick Here
BCSL-045 Solved assignmentsAlgorithm Design LabClick Here
IGNOU BCA Semester -5th Assignments.
BCS-051 Solved assignmentsIntroduction to Software EngineeringClick Here
BCS-052 Solved assignmentsNetwork Programming and AdministrationClick Here
BCS-053 Solved assignments Web ProgrammingClick Here
BCS-054 Solved assignmentsComputer Oriented Numerical TechniquesClick Here
BCS-055 Solved assignmentsBusiness CommunicationClick Here
BCSL-056 Solved assignmentsNetwork Programming and Administration LabClick Here
BCSL-057 Solved assignmentsWeb Programming LabClick Here
BCSL-058 Solved assignmentsComputer Oriented Numerical Techniques LabClick Here
IGNOU BCA Semester – 6thAssignments.
BCS-062 Solved assignmentsE-CommerceClick Here
MCS-022 Solved assignmentsOperating System Concepts and Networking ManagementClick Here
BCSL-063 Solved assignmentsOperating System Concepts and Networking Management LabClick Here
BCSP-064 Solved assignmentsProjectClick Here