IGNOU MCA Solved assignment Download 2021

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4 Key Points to Get Good Marks in Ignou Assignments


  1. Follow the instructions before you submit the answer sheet. ie. Use the recommended paper size which is A4.
  2. As per IGNOU instruction you should leave a 2.5-inch margin from both sides of the paper.
  3. Space between each answer should be 4 to 6 lines.
  4. Write neatly and in proper handwriting so that it should be visible properly.
Course Code Course Title Download
MCS-011 Solved Assignments Problem Solving and Programming Click Here
MCS-012 Solved Assignments Computer Organization and Assembly language Programming Click Here
MCS-013 Solved Assignments Discrete Mathematics Click Here
MCS-014 Solved Assignments Systems Analysis and Design Click Here
MCS-015  Solved Assignments Communication Skills Click Here
MCSL-016 Solved Assignments Internet Concepts and Web Design Click Here
MCSL-017 Solved Assignments C and Assembly Language Programming Lab Click Here
MCS-021 Solved Assignments Data and File Structures Click Here
MCS-022 Solved Assignments Operating System Concepts and Networking Management Click Here
MCS-023 Solved Assignments Introduction to Database Management Systems Click Here
MCS-024 Solved Assignments Object-Oriented Technologies and Java Programming Click Here
MCSL-025 Solved Assignments Lab (based on MCS-021, 022, 023 & 024) Click Here
MCS-031 Solved Assignments Design and Analysis of Algorithms Click Here
MCS-032 Solved Assignments Object Oriented Analysis and Design Click Here
MCS-033 Solved Assignments Advanced Discrete Mathematics Click Here
MCS-034 Solved Assignments Software Engineering Click Here
MCS-035 Solved Assignments Accountancy and Financial Management Click Here
MCS-036 Solved Assignments Lab (based on MCS-032, 034 and 035) Click Here
MCS-041 Solved Assignments Operating Systems Click Here
MCS-042 Solved Assignments Data Communication and Computer Networks Click Here
MCS-043 Solved Assignments Advanced Database Management Systems Click Here
MCS-044 Solved Assignments Mini Project Click Here
MCS-045 Solved Assignments Lab (UNIX & Oracle) Click Here
MCS-051 Solved Assignments Advanced Internet Technologies Click Here
MCS-052 Solved Assignments Principles of Management and Information Systems Click Here
MCS-053 Solved Assignments Computer Graphics and Multimedia Click Here
MCSL-054 Solved Assignments Lab (based on MCS-051 & 053) Click Here
MCSE-003 Solved Assignments Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management Click Here
MCSE-004 Solved Assignments Numerical and Statistical Computing Click Here
MCSE-011 Solved Assignments Parallel Computing Click Here
MCSP-060 Solved Assignments Project Click Here


First Semester
Subject Code Course Name Download
MCS 211 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Download
MCS-212 Discrete Mathematics Download
MCS-213 Software Engineering Download
MCS-214 Professional Skills and Ethics Download
MCS-215 Security and Cyber Laws Download
MCS-216 DAA and Web Design Lab Download
MCS-217 Software Engineering Lab Download

Second Semester

Subject Code Course Name Download
MCS 218  Data Communication and Computer Networks Download
MCS-219  Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Download
MCS-220 Software Engineering Download
MCS-221  Data Warehousing and Data Mining Download
MCS-222  OOAD and Web Technologies Lab Download
MCS-223  Computer Networks and Data Mining Lab Download

Third Semester

Subject Code Course Name Download
MCS 224  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Download
MCS-225  Accountancy and Financial Management Download
MCS-226  Data Science and Big Data Download
MCS-227  Cloud Computing and IoT Download
MCS-228  AI and Machine Learning Lab Download
MCS-229  Cloud and Data Science Lab Download

Fourth Semester

Subject Code Course Name Download
MCS 230  Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision Download
MCS-231  Mobile Computing Download
MCS-232  Project (MCA_New) Download