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IGNOU BGYCT-131 Physical And Structural Geology Study Material Download: 

If you come to this page to Download a Bachelor of Science in General Program (BSCG) Study Material then you come to the right place. This is the best place to Download to Ignou Books. This course is a new addition to BSCG Course in IGNOU BGYCT-131 Physical And Structural Geology


This course depends on CBCS Pattern. This means a choice based credit system.

We are here to easily download the book of this course BGYCT-131 Physical And Structural GeologyYou will find this book here in PDF Form, then click on the download link and download it.

 For English Medium

List Of Available BGYCT-131 Study Materials:

BGYCT-131 Physical and Structural Geology Click to
Block-01 General Geology Download
Block-02 Earth Surface Processes Download
Block-03 Structural Geology Download
Block-04 Mountain Building and Plate Tectonics Download


You can download the BGYCT-131 Physical And Structural Geology. from here so that you can complete your assignment with Them.

And can prepare for the exam. By which you get good performance, this course is an important course in the BSCG Programme.

The study material for BGYCT-131 भौतिक और संरचनात्मक भूविज्ञान. is now revised for CBCS students and our team has started to upload the new books for the revised course.

The university has uploaded first and second-semester books for the BSCG course so that you can at least start your study with IGNOU and leftover books will be upload soon by our team online.

 For Hindi Medium

BGYCT-131 भौतिक और संरचनात्मक भूविज्ञान Study Material In Hindi:

BGYCT-131 भौतिक और संरचनात्मक भूविज्ञान क्लिक करे
खंड-01 सामान्य भूविज्ञान Download
खंड-02 भूसतही प्रक्रियाएं Download
खंड-03 संरचनात्मक भूविज्ञान Download
खंड-04 पर्वत निर्माण और प्लेट विवर्तनिकी Download

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IGNOU BGYCT-131 Study Material Download Solved Assignment