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Course Code Course Title Study Material
MS-01 Solved Assignments Management Functions and Behaviour Click Here
MS-02 Solved Assignments Management of Human Resources Click Here
MS-03 Solved Assignments Economic and Social Environment Click Here
MS-04 Solved Assignments Accounting and Finance for Managers Click Here
MS-05 Solved Assignments Management of Machines and Materials Click Here
MS-06 Solved Assignments Marketing for Managers Click Here
MS-07 Solved Assignments Information Systems for Managers Click Here
MS-08 Solved Assignments Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications Click Here
MS-09 Solved Assignments Managerial Economics Click Here
MS-10 Solved Assignments Organization Design, Development, and Change Click Here
MS-11 Solved Assignments Strategic Management Click Here
MS-21 Solved Assignments Social Processes and Behavioural Issues Click Here
MS-22 Solved Assignments Human Resource Development Click Here
MS-23 Solved Assignments Human Resource Planning Click Here
MS-24 Solved Assignments Employment Relations Click Here
MS-25 Solved Assignments Managing Change in Organisations Click Here
MS-26 Solved Assignments Organisational Dynamics Click Here
MS-27 Solved Assignments Wage and salary administration Click Here
MS-28 Solved Assignments Labour Laws Click Here
MS-29 Solved Assignments International Human Resource Management Click Here
MS-41 Solved Assignments Working Capital Management Click Here
MS-42 Solved Assignments Capital Investment and Financing Decisions Click Here
MS-43 Solved Assignments Management Control Systems Click Here
MS-44 Solved Assignments security analysis and Portfolio Management Click Here
MS-45 Solved Assignments International Financial Management Click Here
MS-46 Solved Assignments Management of Financial Services Click Here
MS-51 Solved Assignments Operations Research Click Here
MS-52 Solved Assignments Project Management Click Here
MS-53 Solved Assignments Production/Operations Management Click Here
MS-54 Solved Assignments Management of Information Systems Click Here
MS-56 Solved Assignments Materials Management Click Here
MS-57 Solved Assignments Management of R&D Innovation Click Here
MS-61 Solved Assignments Consumer Behaviour Click Here
MS-611 Solved Assignments Rural Marketing Click Here
MS-612Solved Assignments Retail Management Click Here
MS-62 Solved Assignments Sales and Distribution Management Click Here
MS-63 Solved Assignments Product Management Click Here
MS-64 Solved Assignments International Marketing Click Here
MS-65 Solved Assignments Marketing of Services Click Here
MS-66 Solved Assignments Marketing Research Click Here
MS-68 Solved Assignments Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising Click Here
MS-91 Solved Assignments Advanced Strategic Management Click Here
MS-92 Solved Assignments Management of Public Enterprises Click Here
MS-93 Solved Assignments Management of New & Small Enterprises Click Here
MS-94 Solved Assignments Technology Management Click Here
MS-95 Solved Assignments Research Methodology for Management Decisions Click Here
MS-97 Solved Assignments International Business Click Here
MS-58 Solved Assignments  Management of R&D Innovation Click Here
MS-55 Solved Assignments Logistics and Supply Chain Management Click Here
MS-96 Solved Assignments Total Quality Management Click Here