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IGNOU [MAPC] MA in Psychology IGNOU MAPC Study Material & Syllabus

1st Year

2nd Year

Name of the Courses Course Code     Credits 
Psychopathology  MPCE 011  4
Psychodiagnostics  MPCE 012  4
Psychotherapeutic methods  MPCE 013  4
Practicum in Clinical Psychology  MPCE 014  6
Internship  MPCE 015  8
Project  MPCE 016  6
Counseling Psychology  MPCE 021  4
Assessment in Counselling and Guidance  MPCE 022  4
Interventions in counseling  MPCE 023  4
Practicum in Counselling Psychology  MPCE 024  6
Internship  MPCE 025  8
Project  MPCE 026  6
Organizational Behaviour (OBY)  MPCE 031  4
Human Resource Development (HRD)  MPCE 032  4
Organisational Development (OD)  MPCE 033  4
Practicum: Industrial and Organisational Psychology  MPCE 034  6
Internship  MPCE 035  8
Project  MPCE 036  6





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