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IGNOU BAVTM Solved Assignment 2024 English & Hindi Medium

IGNOU BAVTM BACHELOR OF ARTS (VOCATIONAL STUDIES) TOURISM MANAGEMENT  :If you come to this page to download  IGNOU BAVTM Solved Assignment 2024 Of IGNOU  then you come to the right place. This is the best place to Download to Ignou Solved Assignment.

This solved assignment is the latest for the BAVTM course in IGNOU’s Bachelor of Arts (Vocational Studies) Tourism Management. This Ignou course is dependent on CBCS, which means a choice-based credit system. We are here to help you easily download the BAVTM Solved Assignment for this course.

                                                                                      CORE COURSES
Course Code Title of the Course                                                                    Download  
BTMC 131 History of Tourism – I Click Here
BTMC 132 Fundamentals of Management Click Here
BTMC 133 History of Tourism – II Click Here
BTMC 134 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Click Here
BTMC 135 Concept and Impacts of Tourism Click Here
BTMC 136 Tourism Marketing Click Here
BTMC 137 Profile of Modern Tourism Click Here
BTMC 138 Managerial Accounting and Finance in Tourism Click Here


 Discipline-Specific Elective (DSE) Course

Course Code Title of the Course Click Here
BTME 141 Tourism Undertaking Click Here
BTMP 142 Project Click Here
BTME 143 Procedure and Operations in the Tourism Business Click Here
BTMP 144 Globalization Click Here

 Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC)

Course Code Title of the Course                                                  Click Here
BCOS-183 Computer Application in Business Click Here
BCOS-184  E-Commerce Click Here
BTMS-185 Airport  Handling Click Here
BEGS-186 Business Communication Click Here

General Elective (GE) Courses

Course Code
BTMG-171 Culture in Indian Subcontinent I Click Here
BTMG-172 Culture in Indian Subcontinent II Click Here

Key Points to Get Good Marks in Ignou BAVTM Assignments

  • Let me quickly tell you the 5 major key points to get good marks in IGNOU assignments.
  • Always attempt all the questions. Write a complete answer try to cover all the major parts of the answer. An incomplete answer sheet will lead you to poor marks.
  • Don’t just answer from the unit provided by IGNOU; use your own words to answer the questions.
  • Do not copy from the answer sheets of other students. If copying is noticed, the assignments of such students will probably be rejected.

Steps to Download IGNOU BAVTM   Solved Assignments

  1. See Your Assignment.
  2. Click On the Link
  3. and Download the Solved Assignment.

 Is it necessary to Download BAVTM Solved Assignments?

Yes because if you want To Participate in IGNOU BACHELOR OF ARTS (VOCATIONAL STUDIES) TOURISM MANAGEMENT   TEE (Term End Exam) Examination, You Have this Course BAVTM  you are lucky. You Download the Solved  Assignments & Books Easily You can Make Your BAVTM Assignments by using This Sample Assignment . you can use it for the preparation of Examination and you can get good marks in your Annual Exams with good Marks & Grades.

IGNOU BAVTM Assignments Are Free To Download?

Every Year The IGNOU University are Upload the Assignment on the Official Website of Ignou .You Can Download Easily .

Click Here to Download Assignment 

You can download the BAVTM Solved Assignment from here. This course is an important course in the BAVTM Programme. students and our team have started to upload the new  Solved Assignment of this Program.

Also, Read These Line

IGNOU Conducts Term End Exam In June And December Each Year. This Is A New Course So It Is The First Time When An Exam Will Conduct. So There Is No Previous Paper Is Available Till Date. Students Are Advised To Read Study Material For Exam Preparation

the university has uploaded first and second-semester Question Paper for the BAG course so that you can at least start your Practices with IGNOU and leftover books will be upload soon by our team online.

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