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BSOC-131 Introduction to Sociology.

BSOC-131 Introduction to Sociology Important Question For Exam 2020:



1. Discuss the factors for the emergence of sociology.

2. What are the elements of culture? Discuss.

3. Discuss the approaches to the understanding of social change.

4. Describe the similarities between sociology and social anthropology.

5. Describe the characteristics of the community.


6. What is social psychology? Explain its inter-disciplinary approach.

7. Discuss the perspectives on social institutions.

8. Explain the different kinds of organizations.

9. Describe the premises of functionalism.

10. Discuss Mead’s theory of the development of self.

11. Write a note on contemporary economic sociology.


12. Describe the concepts of culture trait and culture complex.

13. Differentiate between ascribed and achieved status.

14. Differentiate between multiple roles and role set.

15. Define the concept of socialization.

16. Examine the similarities and differences between sociology and social
17.Discuss the relationship between sociology and social anthropology with special
reference to India

19. Explain the scope and nature of social psychology.

20. Who are the prominent sociologists that have worked in the domain historical
sociology? Discuss.

21. Discuss the emergence of political sociology as an intersection of sociology
and political science.

22. What is the relationship between culture and society? Discuss it in four lines.

23. Define social groups. What are the objectives of a social group?

24. Explain the meaning and definition of social control.

25. Discuss the impact of social change on human society.


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BSOC-131 Important Question

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