BPCC-131 Foundations of Psychology Important Question Ignou

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BPCC-131 Foundations of Psychology

BPCC-131 Foundations of Psychology Important Question For Exam 2020:



1. Define psychology. Discuss the various schools of psychology.

2. Explain trait theories of personality.

3. Compare and contrast operant conditioning and behaviouristic approach to learning.

Write The Notes Of Following:-

4. Correlational method.

5. Apparent movement

6. Learned helplessness

7. Interference as a cause of forgetting

8. Types of basic emotions

9. Gardener’s theory of intelligence

10. Projective techniques

11. Law of the figure-ground relationship

12. Differentiate between a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

13. Define the work of a sports psychologist and a forensic psychologist.

14. Differentiate between classical and operant conditioning?

15. List important characteristics of Short-Term Memory and Long-Term Memory.

16. Name the three levels of processing proposed by Craik and Tulving model
of memory.

17. Define biogenic motives, psychogenic motives and sociogenic motives.

18. Explain the nature and concept of emotions.

19. Write briefly about the first two stages of psychosexual development.

20. What do you understand by a collective unconscious?

21. What are the three types of traits explained by Allport?

22. Explain nature vs. nurture debate over intelligence?


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