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BPAC 132 Administrative Thinkers



BPAC 132 Administrative Thinkers Important Question For IGNOU Exam 2020:


1.Elaborate some of the main principles of public administration as implicit in Arthashastra.

2. Discuss the views of Kautilya on the recruitment of civil servants under the State.

3. Finance and financial administration are at the center of everything Kautilya writes about the State and its machinery’. Discuss.

4. Explain Gandhi’s vision of Swaraj.

5. What do you understand by Gandhian Theory of Trusteeship?

6. What are the developments associated with Wilson?

7.Explain the contribution of Woodrow Wilson to administration

8.Why is Taylor called the ‘Father of Scientific Management?

9.Describe the principles of Taylor’s Scientific Theory of Management

10. Critically analyze Taylor’s Scientific Management Theory.

11. What are the factors responsible for the development of ‘Fayolism’?

12. Describe Fayol’s key elements of management.

13.Explain the concept of ‘Gangplank’ and bring out its relevance

14.Explain the meaning of the term “Bureaucracy”.

15. What are the fundamental beliefs of bureaucracy?

16. Write a critique of Weber’s ‘legal-rational’ authority.

17.Elaborate on constructive conflict and its methods

18.Elaborate the concepts of Power, Authority and Control.

19. List the main phases of Hawthorne experiments.

20. What are the three Books of Mayo published between 1933-1947?

  1. Why is Chester Barnard considered as Father of Social Systems School of Management?

22. In what way are Barnard’s views of authority different from classical thinkers?

23. What do you understand by Zone of Indifference?

24.Elaborate Simon’s views on Classical Theory

25. Explain the significance of rationality in decision-making.

26. What is unique about Maslow’s Theory of Motivation?

27. Make an appraisal of Maslow’s Theory of Motivation.

28. Briefly describe the historical evolution of ‘Organisational Humanism’

29. What do you understand by the term ‘Human Asset Accounting’?

30. The System 4 Management Style is of huge relevance in Public Sector’ Comment.

31. Explain Frederick Herzberg’s Two-Factor Motivation Theory.

32. Critically evaluate Herzberg’s Motivation Theory.

33. Explain the Immaturity-Maturity Theory.

34. Describe the different types of alternative organizational structures.

35. Examine Dwight Waldo’s views on Public Administration.

36. What do you understand by the New Public Administration?

37. Give a brief account of Peter Drucker’s career graph

38. Explain Drucker’s major contributions to Management.

39. Why do we need Policy Sciences instead of Management Sciences to solve social issues?

40.What are the new features of Public Policy as suggested by Dror?




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