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Bachelor Degree Programme

1.BSHF-101Foundation course in humanities And social sciencesJune 2019
2.BHIE-107Modern Europe From Mid 18th Century To Mid 20th CenturyJune 2019
3.EEC-07Industrial Development in IndiaJune 2019
4.EEC-10National Income AccountingJune 2019
5.EEC-11Fundamentals of EconomicsJune 2019
6.EEC-13Elementary Statistical Methods and Survey TechniquesJune 2019
7.EEC-14Agricultural Development In IndiaJune 2019
8.EHI-01Modern India 1857-1964June 2019
9.EHI-02History of India From Earliest Times to 8th Century  A .D.June 2019
10.EHI-03India from 8th TO 15th Century A .D.June 2019
11.EHI-04India from16th Century to mid 18th CenturyJune 2019
12.EHI-05India From Mid 18th Century to Mid-19th CenturyJune 2019
13.EHI-06History of China and Japan 1840-1949June 2019
14.EHI-07Modern  Europe  From  Mid 18th Century to Mid 20th CenturyJune 2019
15.EPA-01Administrative TheoryJune 2019
16.BPAE-102Indian AdministrationJune 2019
17.BPAE-104Personnel AdministrationJune 2019
18.BPSE-212Government And Politics In IndiaJune 2019
19.EPA-03Development AdministrationJune 2019
20.EPA-04Personnel AdministrationJune 2019
21.EPA-05Financial AdministrationJune 2019
22.EPA-06Public PolicyJune 2019
23.EPS-03Modern Indian Political ThoughtJune 2019
24.EPS-06Government & Politics in East and South East AsiaJune 2019
25.EPS-07International RelationsJune 2019
26.EPS-08Government & Politics in AustraliaJune 2019
27.EPS-09Comparative Government and PoliticsJune 2019
28.EPS-11Political Ideas and IdeologiesJune 2019
29.EPS-12Government &  Politics in IndiaJune 2019
30.EPS-15South Asia : Economy, Society and PolityJune 2019
31.ESO-11The Study of SocietyJune 2019
32.ESO-12Society in IndiaJune 2019
33.ESO-13Sociological ThoughtJune 2019
34.ESO-14Society And StratificationJune 2019
35.ESO-15Society and ReligionJune 2019
36.ESO-16Social Problems in IndiaJune 2019
37.BECE-002Indian Economic Development: Issue and perspectivesJune 2019
38.BECE-015Elementary Mathematical Methods In EconomicsJune 2019
39.BECE-016Economic Development: Comparative Analysis And Contemporary IssuesJune 2019
40.BECE-107Industrial Development In IndiaJune 2019
41.BECE-214Agricultural Development In IndiaJune 2019
Bachelor’s Degree Programme (BDP)/(B.A. Psychology)  BA JUNE 2019 QUESTIONPAPER
1.BPC-001General PsychologyJune 2019
2.BPC-002Developmental PsychologyJune 2019
3.BPC-003Research Methods In PsychologyJune 2019
4.BPC-004Statistics In PsychologyJune 2019
5.BPC-005Theories of personalityJune 2019
6.BPC-006Social psychologyJune 2019
7.BPCE-011School psychologyJune 2019
8.BPCE-013Motivation and EmotionJune 2019
9.BPCE-014PsychopathologyJune 2019
10.BPCE-015Industrial and Organizational PsychologyJune 2019
11.BPCE-017Introduction to Counseling PsychologyJune 2019
12.BPCE-018NeuropsychologyJune 2019
13.BPCE-019Environmental psychologyJune 2019
14.BPCE-021Forensic psychologyJune 2019

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